smile gallery

Some dental websites give you sample smile images to demonstrate procedures, however we wanted you to see our beautiful smiles that we are making right here in our Clarkesville office.  The following images are our actual patients and procedures were performed by Drs. Hardyn and Michele Eubank.

Our patient was unhappy with here crowns which were approximately 20 years old. She wanted a brighter smile and unfortunately had decay present. Old crowns and decay were removed and all porcelain crowns were cemented. She was also apprehensive about treatment so we prescribed a sleeping pill and she slept through most of the procedure. We are happy to prescribe medications to keep you comfortable as long as you have a driver.

Our patient had existing old white fillings in her front teeth that were decaying and discoloring. She wanted a healthier and whiter smile. She opted for porcelain to gold but you can still see even though they have gold under the porcelain that the crowns are very natural appearing.

Our patient had larger white fillings in her front teeth and had noted the discoloration and breakage. She wanted all porcelain crowns so we removed all decay and existing composites. Also note how we straighted her midline and made her lateral incisors (her teeth beside her front teeth) a little wider to give her more of a wider and more cosmetic smile makeover.

Most of you know this pretty lady who just happens to be in the public eye. She wanted a wider and brighter smile. We discussed her case for months because we love a natural smile too. She has a strong dental background and knew what she wanted for her smile. We placed a combination of all porcelain veneers and crowns.

Our patient could not tolerate her denture covering the roof of her mouth. She was also worried about her denture falling out of her mouth in public. She opted to snap her denture into place. With this implant procedure, the denture can be made without covering the roof of your mouth for a more natural and comfortable feel when eating and talking. She opted for six implants placed in her mouth and locator housings are fabricated into her denture. (see picture) The locator housings allow her to SNAP her denture into place onto her implants. Since this patient is very young, she also planned for her future and what you do not see in the picture are two additional "covered" implants. If she decides in the future that she wants all porcelain crowns on the implants instead of the acrylic denture she can make the transtition.

Our patient was unhappy with her dark teeth and the black spaces she had started noticing at the gumline. After appropriate gum therapy, she opted for all porcelain crowns and veneers to make her smile wider and brighter.

Our patient lost his front tooth after an accident. To do a conventional bridge, we would have had to remove all the enamel on the healthy adjacent teeth to connect a bridge. In years past, this was our only option. Bridges are not only hard to clean, they can cause harm to adjacent teeth especially if they do not need a crown. He opted to place an implant and a crown which only replaces the tooth that was lost. The teeth beside the implant did not have to be harmed and he can clean around the implant just as he did his natural tooth.